Christian Aid

Christian Aid update June 2019

As Christians, we seek to put our faith into action by loving and caring for our neighbours and the Earth, our common home. And right now, both are threatened from the impact of climate change. 

Urgent action is needed to save God’s creation as we know it. Will you join the mass lobby “The Time Is Now” in Westminster, London on 26 June 2019 and tell MPs that it’s time to act on climate change?

Climate change is devastating the world’s poorest communities right now, as more extreme weather events, from flooding to droughts, drive families from their homes and create food crises.

Whether it’s women like Aster in Ethiopia who struggle to feed their children when the rains don’t come and crops burn on the stalk; fisherfolk like Lope in the Philippines battling to make a living as climate change brings super typhoons and extreme heat; or pastoralists like Boru whose camels are weak from drought. Climate change is hitting the poorest hardest, right now!

We know what we need to do to reverse the trend of climate change and protect people like Aster, Lope and Boru: we need to cut global greenhouse emissions to net zero. The existing UK Government targets don’t go far enough – we need to get to net zero by 2045 to make a difference.

On 26 June, we’ll come together in London to celebrate our faith in action, lobby our political representatives, pray together and energise one another for the challenges to come.

9.30am-11.30: Workshops at St Martin in the Fields, Trafalgar Square.

11.30am Whitehall Walk of Witness

12-1.15pm: Interfaith speaker event (including Rowan Williams) at Church House, Westminster

1- 4pm: Mass Lobby of Parliament

For more information contact (Dorset churches) or (Somerset churches)                         


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