Vale Methodist Church @ Kings Stag

Postcode DT10 2AY
Vale Methodist Churhc is one church on two sites at Sturminster Newton and King's Stag
King's Stag is a small village, 6 miles from Sturminster Newton. Its name is said to derive from past links with royal hunting. A large her of deer can be seen at Stock Gaylard House nearby. 
The church building at King's Stag was opened in 1854 and has continued its witness in the local rural community over the years to the present day. 




Service Times
Sunday Worship at 6pm (2nd & 4th, where there is a 5th Sunday we have Songs of Praise) See Circuit Plan page for details of planned services

Prayer Time and Crafty Cuppa at Sturminster Newton Methodist Church
Every Monday - Prayer Time 2 - 3pm - Crafty Cuppa 3 - 4pm Click here for more information 

Monthly Coffee Morning 
3rd Tuesday of every  month 10am - 12 noon 

Bible Study
2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 2;15pm 
For more information please contact Reverend Margaret Oxenham (01258 472985)
Minister: Reverend Denise Binks 01747 854631
Regular Organist: Reverend Margaret Oxenham (see above) 

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